This Month's Staff Picks

Calista's staff pick
Sail by James Patterson

Katherine Dunne and her three kids set out on their family’s yacht on a summer-long cruise.  Things have been tough since their dad died four years ago, and she hopes this trip will bring them closer together.  As soon as they set sail, problems start arising, but Katherine is determined to stick things out.  What began as minor problems soon turned into serious, life-threatening problems.  Only so much can go wrong before you consider foul play.  Though, who could be out to hurt her and her family? Will they be lucky enough to find answers and safely return to land?

Eileen’s staff pick
Christmas on 4th Street by Susan Mallery
One Christmas romance can be the same as the next. Susan Mallery has written many Christmas romances. Part of her long running series set in the fictional Fool’s Gold, California, this book brings together Noelle and Gabriel (yes, really) and highlights many familiar characters and places for those who have read her stories. Treat it like a Hallmark movie, light, bright, and a bit implausible, but full of holiday cheer.

Platforms: Belmont Public Library (book),  hoopla (eBook)   

Linda’s staff pick
Lost in Paris DVD

If you want to enjoy a quirky and fun movie, Lost in Paris is a great choice. The chemistry between the actors is both amusing and engaging. The choreography in the dance scenes is original and contributes to the storyline and the first-rate humor.

When Fiona (a homely librarian) receives a letter from her elderly Aunt Martha, the adventure begins. With the Canadian flag atop her huge backpack, Fiona departs for France. Through a series of hysterical mishaps, Fiona and her aunt cross paths and eventually meet. In the meantime, a rogue ruffian, Dom, pursues Fiona, and the improbable silliness continues.

Awards: Denver International Film Festival; Magritte Awards, Belgium; Mill Valley Film Festival, California.

Kelly’s staff pick
The Christmas Train by David Baldacci

A different kind of Baldacci work of fiction than his usual thriller, this holiday story takes us on a cross-country journey by train. The main character is middle-aged journalist Tom Langdon who has been banned from flying due to a "misunderstanding" with airport security and is forced to take the train from Washington to L.A. The cast of characters we meet on his journey, along with a bit of intrigue and a nice little twist at the end - pay attention to details and see if you are as surprised as I was! This little Christmas story is a sweet departure from the usual Baldacci crime novel but won't disappoint his fans. This is the last of my "Read an author I've never read before" books for 2022. It has been fun and enlightening, but I must confess that I still saved room for some of my favorite authors. Note: I can also say that I made an effort to listen to more audiobooks via Libby and Hoopla (free services courtesy of my BPL library card) in 2022, which increased the number of books I could enjoy.

Platforms: Belmont Public Library (book),  hoopla (eAudio)   

Rebecca’s staff pick
The Forest of Vanishing Stars by Kristin Harmel

This book, these characters, and the turbulence they endured captured my attention and my heart from the very beginning. Snatched from her war-loving family at age two, we follow the journey of a woman discovering that sometimes the life we are born into is not the life we are meant to live. Inspired by actual events, this story had me laughing, yelling, and crying until the last sentence was read. 

Platforms: Belmont Public Library (book), Libby (eBook & eAudio)   

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